You are Immune

You’re not a person but a planet, made up of roughly more than 40 trillion cells.

If your cells were human-sized, you would be as big as 20 Mount Everests, there is so much of you. For your creepy inhabitants, this makes your body an ecosystem, rich in space, warmth and resources. A perfect place to move into and have a family. While some of these guests are welcome, most are not. Your immune system is the guardian of this planet, the force tasked with protecting yourself against the constant danger of invasion. Unfortunately, your enemies in the tiny world have a huge advantage. Consider the effort it takes to make a single copy of yourself and your trillions of cells. A bacterium consists of one cell. It can make a fully grown copy in about half an hour. A virus can turn into hundreds within hours and billions within days. Your enemies multiply in orders of magnitude faster than you.

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