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The Largest City of Pakistan; Karachi

Karachi is a beautiful city in Pakistan and called the “city of lights”. So, a lot of tourists come to Karachi every year to discover the largest city of Pakistan. I am going to tell you about the top best places in Karachi which will include historical places cultural places and also some very modern places in Karachi, so without wasting time let’s go and explore these beautiful places. Whether you are from Pakistan or outside of Pakistan when you are in this city you should do a try to go to these ten places and explore. Aladeen amusement park is one of the very famous picnic spots for families. The entry fees are only fifty rupees right now for adults and kids. Inside there are many many rides like the adventure rides, the jumps, and the tiger. The tiger ride is in our other ride like the one which is called fairies wheel. The second place on my list is the Empress market is very famous in Karachi for quite a long time and it is famous for dry fruits and vegetables and other foods you can see the shops all over there and, you can see many foreign people are also visiting this market and doing shopping because it is the traditional one. next on my list is The lucky one shopping mall in Karachi. It is located in Gulshan Iqbal, there is a very huge food court area, they also have all the brands in the hyper star supermarket on the ground floor. You can find most of the well-known brands in Lucky One mall, and they also have a very nice indoor theme park. You may find all the middle-class and even lower-class people of Karachi inside this mall. This is very crowded especially on weekends but it’s a good place to go and spend some time. Another most important place to visit in Karachi is the prayer hall, you can see there is a very historic building in Karachi. The importance and significance of this building are that it was built by the British in 1865 so this is 150 years old. You should not miss it when you are in Karachi. This is located in the southern area and very easy to access by public transport or you can just walk here. There are no fees at all and you can enter from all the gates inside the building. There is a very nice art gallery where you will find the Pakistani art. On the ground floor, there is a library: a public library you can visit that and this was originally built actually for the town hall of Karachi. I mean that it was the town hall of Karachi but now it is just an Exhibition Centre like the art gallery is. Karachi to visit, it’s so incredibly beautiful you shine like gold so selfless. The main point in Karachi which is accessible to everyone is Beach. This is the a very common base that everybody comes here for a picnic with their friends. You can have a horse ride here and also a camel ride here, there are small open cars that you can ride on just for 100 rupees. The horse and the camel rides are also just for 100 rupees. So, this place is very affordable very easy to get into and there are always people whether you come on weekdays or weekends you will find so many people. This is not the cleanest place in Karachi but still, you can have a look at this if you want to meet local people. The next place to visit in Karachi is the Dolman mall, this is the most beautiful and elite shopping mall in Karachi. You won’t believe that this is in Karachi because they have a very huge area and all the people come to this one especially the elite people. If you want to see the glamour and fashion of Karachi then you must come to the small collection called the almond mall. This is the number one shopping mall in Karachi you must visit because of the passion the colors and the beauty inside. Bahria town is a city within the city it is 40 kilometers away from Karachi, but they have all facilities. It is a world-class city, recently, they have built an adventure park called Bahria Adventureland so if you have time then just go to Bahria .Another interesting place to visit is PAF Museum which means Pakistan Air Force Museum. This should be in the top three of your destinations in Karachi to visit. This is also a family place, family place means that you have to bring a female with you to be called a family. The entry fee is just 60 rupees which is like 40 cents and there are many things you can find actually in this park. You will find many symbols of small and big aircrafts of the Pakistan Air Force. This is a very well-maintained park in Karachi like from day one, this is clean, this is beautiful, this is huge and there are so many activities to be done at this parks. Mahuta palace in Karachi is very beautiful and very easily accessible from anywhere in Karachi. The entry fees are just 30 rupees which are 20 US dollar cents. If you just put the name of this

Mahuta palace on google map you will easily reach here from anywhere in Karachi, that’s why it is on the top of my list of must-visit places in Karachi. This was built in 1927 exactly 92 years before by a Hindu businessman who came from Rajasthan and they brought the pink stones from Rajasthan and the yellow stones from Karachi to build this nice beautiful palace here. This was his residence for summer and after the partition of Pakistan and India, he went to India Rajasthan, so, this palace is now owned by the government. Inside the palace, there’s a museum as well on the ground floor you will see some different cultures. Here in Karachi, one of the best places to visit is the shrine of Quaid e Azam; the founder of Pakistan. This is also a very huge part for the public many people especially the local people of Karachi come here daily for picnics with their families. You can also find a museum right there just alongside this tomb of Quaid e Azam and the museum contains all the stuff used by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his lifetime. This place should be on the top of the list, I mean the number one place to visit in Karachi because this is a historical and cultural place. Many foreign dignitaries and foreign guests also visit this place just to give a tribute to the founder of Pakistan. I would say that Karachi is safe so a lot of tourists can come to Karachi and it’s a really easy city it’s really big but you can take right from Kareem or uber you can go everywhere. You have a lot of places to see in Karachi, you have parks, you have museums, you haven church and Cathedral, and Empress market, you have the tomb of Quaid e Azam, and Beach. I would say everybody should come here once in his life. And What I like most is that you have all the different kinds of food so you can get street food but you have so many different kinds of cuisine and restaurants which I like. I also like Pakistani clothing it’s very colorful and adorable. I think the strength of Pakistan is the people they are friendly and you have so many different options here as it’s a country full of opportunities.

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