Secret of Success lies in Getting up Early

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Awakening up before sunrise is a difficult task for many of you, but successful people from the world have admitted that leaving your bed early in the morning increases your physical and mental abilities. This habit paves the way to achieving your life goals.

According to a scientific report, waking up early in the morning strengthens you both physically and mentally because, in the morning, you are with a fresh mind. There is less chance of external disturbances so, you may focus on your work with full attention. Our body is more efficient in the daytime. Waking up early in the morning is also a good practice in some religions.

There are a lot of benefits of early rising but I enlist the few below:

Increased chance of success

Increased organizing skills

Getting off negative thoughts


Good morality

Healthy life

Increased chance of success: According to the research conducted in Germany, while they analyzed the practical life of participants, they found that the people having a habit of the early rising were more successful. They got good grades in their examinations, and in the future, secured high-ranked jobs. Such types of people face problems openly and are ready to fight against every situation.

Increased organizing skills: The most productive time of the day is morning time. At this time you get a lot of uninterrupted time for yourself. So, you can complete any task faster without distractions. You may get enough time to plan all the tasks to be done in the day with enhanced organizing skills.

Getting off negative thoughts: People who sleep late at night remain under a lot of negative thoughts. Rather than, early risers go to sleep faster and don’t have to count stars to sleep, It helps them do various tasks in the coming days with full potential. Taking 6–8 hours of sleep helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and depression.

Punctuality: People who wake up early do develop a habit of punctuality. They don’t make lame excuses and from a task, because they are more motivated and have more time to do their work instead of people who waste their precious time sleeping at the wrong time as they learnt that “Time is money.”

Good morality: If you have to go to work at 9 and you wake up just before half an hour. Then it will be difficult for you to get ready for work. It will cause you to behave rudely in hurriedness, and your whole day will be ruined. By getting up early, you find a lot of time for doing various tasks leisurely.

Healthy life: For growing in practical life, proper health is necessary. If you are sick, you can’t get enough success. A night of good sleep helps you remain healthy as it boosts your immunity. It is scientifically approved that early risers have better sleep quality as they have a great opportunity to complete all the steps in sleep cycle. You get habitual of Circadian rhythm by sleeping and waking at proper time. Various growth hormones — needed for regeneration of body cells — are secreted during the deeper sleep. People who wake up early in the morning have enough time for doing warm-up exercises. It is necessary for the maintenance of health. They enjoy good family time at the breakfast table. You all have known already the importance of a proper breakfast. Your day to day productivity is enhanced by getting up early in the morning.

So, make it a habit, become an early bird, it will help you in becoming a successful person both in private and professional life.

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