People of Our generation Vs. People of our Parent generation

Each generation has something different based on which they are compared. There is a big difference between the people from our parent generation and the people from our generation not only in traditions and beliefs but also in values, attitudes, and goals. The language has also changed as the generation changed. People of our ages are entirely non-identical to the people who were present in our parent ages in various aspects.

The first difference is that the people from the old generation had strong beliefs in superstitions. One of the superstitions was a broken mirror. They considered it a harbinger of bad luck, in addition, they thought that hanging a horseshoe with the ends pointing down cause the luck to fall out. A broken mirror was said to bring seven years of bad luck. While most of the people from our generation have not these types of suspicions. If someone from a new generation has such assumptions, people make fun of them and consider them old aged. Many from the young generation let it go, all such superstitions, in an easy way.

Another difference is that the people from our parent generation had never thought about technology and modern facilities. About forty years ago, there was nothing like cell phones, the internet, bullet train, etc. They were stuck in a simple lifestyle without complexities. But the people from our generation are well familiar with technology and its uses. It is also true for most of us that we can’t live a second in the absence of technology and all the ease that it provided.

The people of our parent generation got up early in the morning and fall asleep earlier in the night rather than the present generation which awake at night times and sleep all day.

In last I want to say that nobody can’t be same in behavior or attitude. Our old generation is a way different from our young generation in various aspects. They believed in superstitions, didn’t aware of technology, and adopted a healthier lifestyle. There is a big age gap, as time has changed, beliefs have changed, so the way of seeing things has changed also. Thus, everything is the opposite for the young generation. There are various pros and cons of both generations but they were indeed happy with their life and routine and we are happy with our life and way of living.



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