On his Deathbed [Flash Fiction]

“Father! Father! company has just sent our car it’s just amazing”.


His seven years old only son, Musa, was crying excitedly. “I want to take a ride in it.” He could listen to the words of his son but was unable to say anything; he was in a state of mild comma and lying inside the painful net of several machines around, that were trying their best in keeping him alive. His wife Rahmah sat near a couch and consistently prayed for his life and health. Hammad Mehboob; a well-known businessman not only in his country but also in several foreign countries. There was everything of need in his well-furnished home, but he was as poor as a church mouse in the matter of parents and relatives. Hammad had lost his parents and an innocent younger sister in his painful journey.
After hearing the words of his son Hammad Mehboob couldn’t control his emotions, a tear popped up from his left eye, flew down, and soaked in the pillow, he started crying but he couldn’t help.
‘’Yay’’ that’s like my boy” his father was saying boastfully and hugged him strongly as he entered the house. There was a great celebration in the home because they were invited to the village’s head home at dinner for the first time. He got the second position in 10th grade in the city, this was the first time when someone topped from their village. This was the reward of his father’s hard work, who was a sweeper and earn very little; he had paid a large number of fees in different educational institutes. Hammad’s mother sewed cloth in the village and was attempting to become a helping hand of his father.
Then, he started considering his first wife, Nosheen, to whom he loved too much. He wedded with her against the will of his parents. Nosheen was not happy with the busy life of Hammad because he had no time for the family she had asked for the divorce once. On a bright day, he was in an important meeting outside the city, the phone was ringing constantly but he didn’t reply. Bano, a maid, took Nosheen to the hospital with the help of other servants Ayna and Ali, when Nosheen felt a severe kind of labor pain. Nosheen’s parents had lived abroad. She lived alone with his husband Hammad; whose parents had already died. When Hammad reached the hospital doctor told them that they couldn’t save his wife and baby because she was emotionally unstable as you were not here. He fell with a combined feeling of guilt and pain. Tears started flowing at a rapid rate. His wife Rahmah noticed and started talking, about good days, with him. He slept for a while in the search of inner peace that he couldn’t find in his whole professional life, not even on a single day.
After a few hours, he opened his eyes; he was alone in his room. His eyes wandered and stopped on a family picture with his parents in which he was 18 years of age, everyone was happy. His sister, Noor, was just 6 at that age. Hammad had offered his parents to live in the city with him, various times, but they refused. His mother also requested him to live with them but the work and business were more important to him. On a normal night, when he was in the city, some robbers broke into his house in the village, they took the little jewelry, they had at that time. Hammad’s old, weak father tried to stop them, but robbers got furious and they killed all the three; he complained to the court, his close friends gave him the advice of focusing on the work because they had gone and never come back. At the start, he got angry with his friends, but as time passed he started to forget about the incident, he sold the village house and left the village forever.
Today, was the 7th birthday of his young son, and servants were running here and there for the preparation of the night function. Families of rich and famous people were coming. Rahmah said him to no go to the office today, he went with the promise of coming early. He ordered an orange Lamborghini for which he was dreaming for the last 20 years. While he was coming from work, a large truck collided in his car. He lost his senses, the in-hospital doctor told his wife that he will never walk on his legs, there was clotting of blood in his head he entered a state of coma.
43 years of age Hammad concluded, that a man should not run behind degrees, fame, and money family should be his priority. No matter, he had changed his life from a poor anonymous Hammad to this rich successful Hammad but he had never lived or enjoyed his life. He worked day and night but never gave enough time to his only son, and lovely wife. He hurt the feelings of his blood relations as they left him, and who were alive and needed him, he was going to leave them. Suddenly a white-dressed angle appeared he knew that his time came so he closed his eyes slowly.

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Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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S Saleha

S Saleha

Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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