My self taught lessons

Learning is a lifelong process.

“Sharing is caring “, is a familiar saying you have all heard at least a single time in your life. We discover new things every day, some through encounters and others through observations. I am sharing various lessons that I learned throughout my life, and possibly these will be helpful for you to become a victorious person.

  • Change your pondering and attitude, change your life:

Getting up in the morning, taking breakfast, going to work, and so on. Spending life with the same routine is a boring thing in itself. Then, how does it feel spending every day with the same personality? Certainly, my answer is boring. You can’t get anything with the same inert personality. If you want to be a successful person, don’t be afraid of change. Evolve and grow, learn new things every day, and become a better version of yourself as compared to yesterday. The secret of a successful life hides in Change.

  • Listen more and speak less:

There is a quote, “Empty minds make the most noise”. So to show that you are intelligent, speak less and listen more. While you are speaking you are making other people aware that what do you know. In my point of view rather than telling others about your knowledge, try to grab the knowledge others hold just by listening.

  • Whatever you do, give it 100% of your efforts:

From a small to a big task, whatever you do, give it 100% of your efforts. If you are not hopeful, then don’t start. And if you have started then, finish it with hard work and enthusiasm. There are possibilities that you may fail too after this, but a feeling of guilt is much lesser.

  • Read a lot:

Either you are a student or a working person who belongs to any niche. You learn through your whole life, as learning is a lifelong process. Read a lot of good books. Visit a library near you and find a book that matches your interest. Plus advice from my point of view. “Make short notes about the things you learn from the book and save it.”

  • Don’t make decisions when you’re angry, also, don’t make promises when you’re happy:

It is a game of your feelings, if you are unable to control your emotions during specific situations, then alert, you may disturb your life without any help. It’s also an important lesson to be a strong person.

  • Never stick on a point, try new things:

Life is a continuous phase, so try new things, new experiences; the experiences you never have before. A simple example of this sentence is when you go to your office, don’t go through the same pathway daily. Try different routes daily either, long or short, it will be an enjoyable activity for sure.

  • Find a role model and do what they’re doing:

Each of us likes someone obsessively, it is maybe a celebrity, a sportsman, a politician, or someone else. You adore that person maybe because of their achievements, their personality, or looks. Whatever, the reason behind liking. Find a mentor and do what they are doing. Just follow them and try to reach your goals by choosing the pathways, they chose once, so they are at this stage. It is not a celebrity or a big name always. It may also be someone from your social circle whom you find successful.

  • Forgive and forget completely:

Past is the best place to visit but not to stay ”. If someone hurt you too badly and you are planning vengeance, then you are just ruining your time, the present time just for the past that will never come. If they apologized, forgive them but if they didn’t then forget about it. Just let it go and try to forget completely in both cases.

  • Treat people as you would like to treat yourself:

Be kind to people, kill your ego, don’t be so conceited, you are just an ordinary person from 7 billion people on earth. Others are not deserving of your anger or bad attitude. Spread smiles, and waves of laughter. Cherish happiness wherever you go. It is also crucial for your self peace.

  • Be aware of how you spend the first and last hour of your day:

Spend your time wisely; epically the first hour of your morning and last hour of your day. Morning hour has an impact on your whole day, and your night hour will affect your dreams. So, be attentive about your time.

  • Save some part of your earnings:

It’s always a better idea to save a handsome amount of your earning. Try to spend less than you earn. If you are a student, then save some amount from your pocket money. Because you can’t see what’s coming in the future, so just hope for the best but be ready for the worst.

I very much agree with the words of Bob Kelso. He said, “Life is scary. Get used to it. There are no magical fixes. It’s all up to you. So get up off your keister, get out of here, and go start doin’ the work. Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.”




Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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S Saleha

S Saleha

Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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