How to Increase Instagram Followers?

Simple and easy ways to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram is a favorite social media platform among people of every field. It has more than 8 billion active users monthly.

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Brands use it for marketing purposes, celebrities use it for popularity. An ordinary person uses it for sharing his/her photos and videos of daily life to share with friends and family.

If you have a few followers on Instagram and want to increase your reach to a larger community with real organic followers. Then it’s time to learn some tactics to increase your audience. Various companies do it for you by spending some money but you can do it for yourself. The larger your community grows the more opportunities you have to engage with users in different ways. Here are some ways to gain more followers on Instagram.
1- Designing your profile
The most important thing is to set up an attractive profile. You have to add a proper user name، interesting bio that best describes you, one of the best photos from your gallery with a descriptive caption. Try to keep your user name search-friendly.
2- Specific time to post
The time of posting is crucial. You have to post when a large number of your followers is online. Use the Instagram insight feature to figure out when a maximum of your audience is online. After figuring out the perfect time for your post, post at that time and track engagement.
3- Post consistently
Consistency is a compulsory factor for success. It is not that some days you post a lot, and others days you post nothing. No, it will not work. I recommend you to post at least once a day. You will get followers faster than others who post less frequently. Posting frequently doesn’t mean that you have to post anything, always remember quality surpasses the quantity most of the time.
4- Write fascinating captions
Fine photos catch the attention of everyone so do the captions. Captions open a chance to provide you with more details about the photo or video you are sharing. Using keywords in the caption also helps you to appear in search results on the app.
5- Use hashtags
Hashtags are a lot important on Instagram. The right hashtags expose your image to a larger community. Use relevant hashtags according to time, or occasions, etc. According to a research, the hashtags that are 21 characters long will get the most engagement. If you want to gain more followers, not only on Instagram but also on other social media platforms, hashtags are essential. Using hashtags make your content discoverable. Adding up to 25 hashtags is a good idea.
6- Engagement:
Either, a brand or an ordinary person both want more followers. Engaging with your audience is an important factor. Rather than focusing on likes and comments engage your fans in a discussion.

If you are not a brand but an ordinary person who wants Instagram followers just for happiness or some popularity, then make your profile settings from public to private. It will make people curious to know about you, and they will follow you automatically under curiosity, rather than just see and ignore your posts on a public profile.
Follow and follow back is another option you may choose to get more followers, but I do not like this one personally.




Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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S Saleha

S Saleha

Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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