Best places to visit in Paris

Paris the city of lights, offers everyone to get some light in. Here you get everything, from shopping to beautiful bows art architecture. This city is a magical fairytale alive in the 21st century with so much to see and do. It can be a bit overwhelming as to where to start. Let’s count down the top 10 attractions that are a can’t-miss during your visit to this magical city.

Number 10:

The pantheon located in the Latin Quarter in Paris and a short walk from Jardin de Luxembourg. This one-time Church now functions as a secular mausoleum housing the remains of some of the most distinguished French citizens including Victor Hugo and Mary Curie but it’s not what’s located underneath the pantheon that’s a must-see attraction. The 360-degree panoramic views of the city are some of the best in all of Paris and with shorter wait times than that of the Eiffel Tower. Visiting the Pantheon can save you valuable time if you’re on a tight schedule.

Number 09:

At number nine is arc the Triomphe, It is the linchpin of the historical axis which extends from the louver to the arc. The Arc de Triomphe is accessible by both the RER train and metro stations with an exit at Charles de Gaulle. At a wall a lift takes visitors to the top we can enjoy a small. Museum of the arc and of course take in some breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Number 08:

At number 08 is the Centre Pompidou located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The maría sánchez Pompidou is the largest modern art museum in all of Europe. The place Georges Pompidou is located in front of the museum. In the spring it is home to miniature carnivals featuring a wide variety of bands caricature and sketch artists, it is just the thing to keep the kids happy after a long visit through the museum.

Number 07:

At number seven is The Tuileries Garden located between the Louvre Museum and the plastic la Concorde. This public garden is a great place to take a break and relax after a long walk down the shoe flies or after a long day of visiting. The Louvre also offers several activities for children giving parents a chance to relax for more information about visiting.

Number 06:

At number 6 is Versailles while not centrally located in Paris if you can only fit in one day trip during your visit make it to the palace to Versailles located 30 minutes outside of Paris via the RER train. Versailles is the most luxurious and historic royal Chateau in all of France. Be sure to do your research on the many things emphasized before you go. As it is so massive that you are sure to miss some hidden treasures if you are not prepared before your trip. For people with a limited time in Paris you should consider skipping this attraction as it does eat up a full day of your time when visiting Versailles.

Number 05:

Number five is Sacré-Cœur Basilica. It is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city. Sacre Coeur is the highest point in the city and as a result, offers some of the best views in all of Paris and the best part is, it’s all free. Sacre Coeur is also a great stop after a long walk through the streets of Paris where you can enjoy a picnic underneath this incredible church while basking in the panoramic views of Paris.

Number 04:

Number four is opera, one of the most beautiful buildings. Paris Opera is not a final destination but rather a quick stop in the 12th arrondissement of Paris which is better known for the grand magazine of parental and Gallerie Lafayette, two of the most famous shopping centers in all of Paris. What makes opera such an attractive stop? It is a nice alternative for those to enjoy the cultural side of Paris while others venture off shopping. Opera is also adjacent to Paris a story which is an amazing historical tour through Paris fully realized in 3d movies and a miniature replica of the entire city.

Number 03:

Number three is Notre Dom probably the most well-known Cathedral in the entire world. The Hunchback of Notre Dom is located on the eastern half on the Ile de la Cite ana along with the scent due to the overwhelming popularity. It is best to visit NotreDom during the week when lines to visit the top are shorter and be sure to check out the crypts of Notre Dom which is an often forgotten treasure of this Cathedral.

Number 02

Number two is the Louvre that’s one of the world’s largest museums housing nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the nineteenth century which is exhibited over an area covering sixty thousand six hundred square meters located on the right bank of the scent. The Louvre is the most visited Art Museum in the entire world. When visiting we recommend that you prioritize what do you want to see? If Egyptian artifacts are your fancy stick to that, however, if you are more interested in Greek culture go to those wings instead to put it simply. There is no way you can see all of the Louvre in one visit so plan to maximize your time and always purchase your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in long lines.

Number 01:

Number one is, of course, the Eiffel Tower as it is, without a doubt, the most famous attraction in the entire city. It is also the most populated especially on the weekends so it is best to visit the Eiffel Tower on weekdays. You must book your tickets in advance if you want to travel to the top of the tower wait lines can exceed four hours and for those with a limited amount of time in Paris can find themselves there for the entire day.

These were our top ten attractions in all of Paris , go and enjoy.

Have Fun!




Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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S Saleha

S Saleha

Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything.

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