“I am creating the woman that I want to be".

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The United Kingdom is made up of the countries of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. If you want to go back in time and feel like you’re in a fairy tale or a harry potter film the UK is the place for you; the place with a lot of connected…

In this article we’re gonna look at corrosion and in particular at why things rust? And how we can stop it? Corrosion is a general term that refers to the process by which metals are slowly broken down by reacting with substances in their environment. An example of this is…

The reasons behind cheating in schools.

Cheating in schools is considered an extremely bad habit because the students who do cheating not learn but waste their time and money of their parents. Cheating may lead them to unsuccessful life. Students who are cheaters develop the habit of deceiving so they never learn how to work on…

“City of lights; Karachi” a beautiful place in Pakistan. A lot of tourists come to Karachi every year to uncover the largest city of Pakistan. Whether you are from Pakistan or outside of Pakistan when you are in this city you should do a try to go to these ten places and explore.

Aladeen amusement park is one of the very famous picnic spots for families. The entry fees are only fifty rupees right now for adults and kids. Inside there are many many rides like the adventure rides, the jumps, and the tiger. …

S Saleha

Welcome everyone! I am a wander writer who writes about everything. I have more than 3K followers and 5 million views on Quora. Joined Medium recently.

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